Traveling to New Albany Indiana

This city of the southern Indiana, situated along the Ohio River, is known for its rich history and participation in the civil war, which makes it a great place for you to visit if you are interested in learning the history of the United States of America from the inside out.

Places like the Culbertson Mansion State Memorial, the Scribner House, the Town Clock Church, and many others make this city good place for tourism, but in particular, the Carnegie Center for Art & History is one of the best places to visit while you learn about the past times and enjoy the art.



Founded by Andrew Carnegie, the construction of the main building began in 1902 and it was completed in 1904. Nowadays, the Carnegie Center for Art & History is part of the cultural center of New Albany offering many attractions, events, and exhibits open for new visitors at any time of the year.

Just by looking at this place from the outside, you can see the rich architecture with a neoclassical architectural style. The beautiful roofing that is visible from the ground, the ornamental reliefs resembling free-standing sculptures, the elegance of the clean lines and uncluttered appearance of the whole building are essential aspects that make this construction a piece of art by itself.

Once inside the building, you can see why this place is considered a cultural resource for education and enjoyment. They collected and preserved the history and heritage of Floyd County, including the Carnegie Library building in which the museum is housed.

Being one historic monument and also a place for those who want a learn about of history and art, this is one of the locations that you should have on your checklist of places to go when traveling across America. In this place, history is not only inside these four walls and roof, it is everywhere. As they say, once you visit this place you never quite leave.

Risky Places for Women Solo Travel

When a woman is traveling alone whether, on business or vacation, she is more at risk than when traveling with a group or a partner. Here is a list of 10 countries where a woman should take caution to travel according to the State Department.

1. Egypt

Egypt is at the top of the list because recently a number of terrorist groups including ISIS, have carried out numerous deadly attacks. They mostly target government officials, security forces, popular public venues and tourist sites. It is advisable that you be on your guard when you travel to this country and probably go with someone else.

2. Morocco

This country has a high potential for major terrorist-related violence against US citizens. You should ensure that you are cautious when in Morocco and in case you feel threatened to go to the nearest police station.

3. Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful place to visit. As long as you stay within the resort area, once you leave the limits of your hotel, you are likely to encounter some aggressive and sometimes violent situations especially in Kingston and Montego Bay. Be cautious even when you are at your resort so that you don’t get assaulted.

4. India

This country has recently been experiencing frequent terrorist attacks. These attacks have been centered in public places and popular tourist sites. Sexual assault has been and still remains a major problem in this country, so always keep your eyes open as you go about your trip.

5. Peru

There is rampant criminal activity in this country. These include armed robbery, kidnapping, carjacking, credit card fraud, and petty theft. It is better to avoid the big cities and opt for small villages and the countryside to avoid danger.

6. Bahamas

The rate of armed robbery and sexual assault crimes has risen to critical levels in the recent years. Tourists have been assaulted and robbed in daylight and thus are urged to be vigilant and avoid downtown areas of Nassau. Also, ensure you avoid deserted areas and generally stay near your resort.

7. Colombia

It is not safe due to the increase in violence linked to a domestic insurgency, drug trafficking, and kidnapping cases. This occurs in some of the rural and urban areas.

8. Ecuador

This country is relatively safer than some of the countries in this list though it still has a high rate of crimes such as petty theft, kidnapping, sexual assault, and rape.

9. Turkey

This country has experienced a lot of political instability as well as increased terrorist attacks in recent years. This has been experienced in public places, resorts, government buildings, and even private celebrations. It is greatly advised that if it is not necessary, avoid going to this country right now until things cool off.

10. Guatemala

This country has critical levels of violent crimes. This is not actually targeted to foreigners but things might change and so tourists are advised to be cautious of their environs and take precautions to ensure their security.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Travel safe. Happy Travels. 🙂




10 Countries to Visit in Africa

Africa is known as the cradle of life as some of the oldest human fossils are found in Africa. It is gorgeous with beautiful terrain and wildlife. Here are some amazing places you can’t afford to miss out on when you are in this beautiful continent.

1. Botswana














This country is one of the most beautiful wilderness destinations in the world. It offers amazing accommodations for tourists as well as amazing tour packages. When you are in Botswana ensure you visit the Okavango Delta which is situated in the Kalahari basin and is rich in game, lush beautiful vegetation and amazing landscape.

2. Kenya













This is a country found in East Africa. It has beautiful beaches on its coast, an abundance of game life in its vast and numerous game parks, sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes, all over the country and amazing people and culture. This is the best family destination to visit as it offers many activities suitable for the whole family. It is also home to one of the natural wonders of the world- the Wildebeests Migration between the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti.

3. Lesotho













It is a wonderful place to visit as a couple or a group of friends. It has amazing national parks with many wild animals and nature reserves. This place is amazing for taking hikes and nature walks. The accommodation is also five-star quality and the landscape is amazing.

4. Morocco













It’s a country very rich in cultural experience and steeped in history. The culinary experience there is to die for. One can also experience an authentic Moroccan lifestyle with camel treks and desert tours. Morocco offers amazing accommodation; musical experience and the people are really friendly.

5.  Pemba Island













It boasts of amazing sandy beaches, mangrove forests, lagoons, and fish. It is an ideal place to go deep sea diving and just relaxing on the beach. The island of Pemba is less populated than the island of Zanzibar and thus ideal for intimate family vacations.

6.  Reunion Island













This is a paradise in the Indian Ocean. The island has beautiful beaches surrounded by clear blue sea. It has a mixture of cultures which include; Creole, African, Indian, Chinese and French. The island is accessible by sea or air.

7. Rwanda













It has been nicknamed land of a thousand hills due to its numerous mountainous landscapes. The country offers tourists many experiences which include; hiking, gorilla tracking, kayaking and boat tours. It is currently the cleanest country in Africa, if not the world and ICT leader on the continent.

8.  Sao Tomé and Principe













This is the smallest state in Africa. It offers the luxury of private beaches which are less populated and ideal for couple getaways and for small groups of friends. One can undertake various fun activities such as diving, fishing and whale watching.

9. South Africa













The country offers amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and interesting heritage sites. The country also offers amazing wildlife and beautiful terrains.

10. Seychelles













This is the island with the smallest population in Africa. This island is ideal for romantic getaways. The country offers visitors an array of fun activities such as fishing, diving, and sailing.

I hope you will get to explore these amazing destinations and enjoy your stay. Happy travels. 🙂



Best Relaxation Spots in the US

Best Relaxation Spots in the US












When the chaos in our humdrum lives seems to be traveling at supersonic speeds, it’s the best time to take a well-deserved vacation. In a means to prevent a burnout, fatigue, and monotony, travel can be the best resolve. By just packing a bag and planning a random trip will serve as a worthy hiatus from it all. It will be worth your while.


Yellowstone National Park is a bountiful brew of natural features. It boasts an evergreen forest full of buffaloes that dominate the planes and majestic geysers. It is the perfect destination for the storytellers and historical explorers because there is an air of adventure as well as jaw-dropping phenomena all wrapped up in one package. At first glance, the region appears to be an exotic place, untainted by the modern world. Certainly one of the best relaxation spots in the US.

Martha’s Vineyard












The island is known to be a popular hideaway for famous Hollywood personalities. This secret getaway has been graced by the likes of former President Barack Obama because even the President needs a vacation! The vineyard is located 8miles from Cape Cod Mountains and offers a fantastic view of the small town.

Napa Valley

Napa is home to the wine-lovers of this world. Massive fields belonging to small winemakers are devoted to cultivating grapevines. Since this community is known for its fine vintages, you are sure to wander into a bistro where they also serve decent meals. Spas


If you consider yourself a nature freak, Sedona was made to fulfill your dreams. You can enjoy long leisurely walks or rev things up by taking a hike. The rich red rocks and soil will teleport you to a land you only see in Chuck Norris movies. You will have the opportunity to mingle and dine with the Southwest natives and dabble in their culture.


This is the home of hula dancing, luaus and cocktails adorned with little umbrellas. It is the archetypal gateway for a reason, from the crystal blue waters below to the intimidating live volcanoes hovering overhead. No vacation island can top it. If you are looking for a truly great vacation- Hawaii is a top best relaxation spot. Aloha!

Lake Tahoe











If fishing is your acquired skill, Lake Tahoe should be at the very top of your vacation list. This is the best treat for fishermen who don’t have access to a large water body. The lake occupies a vast 200miles so you can try out new water sports that you may be interested in. If you happen to find yourself there in the winter, it is an excellent skiing spot.

There you have it….

Free up personal time to treat yourself and your loved ones to a journey away from home. Do thorough research on undiscovered destinations you may be interested in. Or you can always opt for the popular sites which you are accustomed to. Familiarize yourself with the routes, costs of travel, and possible accommodations before you embark on your trip. Try to put in as much effort in your trip as you do for your day job. If you work hard, you deserve to play hard too.

Happy travels. 🙂

You can have fun in Oklahoma City

One thing that you need to know that Oklahoma City might not be Disneyland and for sure isn’t New York, but there are some things that you can do there, that can be really fun for the whole family. You can for sure have fun in Oklahoma City, if you just know where to go and what to see. These are some of the things that you can do when you are visiting Oklahoma City, or when you touring through this city:

Adventure activities

If you have a couple of teens or older children, then you can consider doing all kinds of activities with them in Oklahoma City. You will be able to enjoy activities like hiking, biking, and all kinds of river sports. This is some adventures that will be perfect to have fun with your teens and to show them that you are still able to have fun with them.

This is some adventure that you will not forget, and that your teens will remember for a long time.

Interesting museums

Oklahoma City has some interesting museums that you should see. We know that there are only a few people that are really interested in museums, but you will not regret going to these museums.

The museums are different, interesting and will teach your children some things about history and how people have lived years ago.

Different kinds of fun for the children

For younger children, there are also a large variety of activities that you can do with them in Oklahoma City. There are amusement parks, indoor play areas and even some places where you can take your teens and your younger children to have fun together.

This is the great thing about Oklahoma City. There is something to do for everyone and there are somethings that you can do as a family. Meaning that everyone will be happy and satisfied after the holiday at this city.


The best part is that there is paintball. Who don’t like playing paintball. This is a great way of getting revenge over someone in your family that did something to you. A great way of just laughing and to have as much fun as possible. There might be many cities where you can play paintball, but the arena in Oklahoma City is designed to have as much fun as possible.

This is also something that you can do as a family. Especially, if you are a large family where you can play in groups.

Oklahoma City has a large variety of activities that you can do when you are in this city for a holiday or for just touring through the city. It doesn’t matter if you have teens with you, or smaller children. This is the place where everyone can have some fun and where everyone can have the best time ever.