10 Countries to Visit in Africa

Africa is known as the cradle of life as some of the oldest human fossils are found in Africa. It is gorgeous with beautiful terrain and wildlife. Here are some amazing places you can’t afford to miss out on when you are in this beautiful continent.

1. Botswana

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This country is one of the most beautiful wilderness destinations in the world. It offers amazing accommodations for tourists as well as amazing tour packages. When you are in Botswana ensure you visit the Okavango Delta which is situated in the Kalahari basin and is rich in game, lush beautiful vegetation and amazing landscape.

2. Kenya














This is a country found in East Africa. It has beautiful beaches on its coast, an abundance of game life in its vast and numerous game parks, sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes, all over the country and amazing people and culture. This is the best family destination to visit as it offers many activities suitable for the whole family. It is also home to one of the natural wonders of the world- the Wildebeests Migration between the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti.

3. Lesotho














It is a wonderful place to visit as a couple or a group of friends. It has amazing national parks with many wild animals and nature reserves. This place is amazing for taking hikes and nature walks. The accommodation is also five-star quality and the landscape is amazing.

4. Morocco














It’s a country very rich in cultural experience and steeped in history. The culinary experience there is to die for. One can also experience an authentic Moroccan lifestyle with camel treks and desert tours. Morocco offers amazing accommodation; musical experience and the people are really friendly.

5.  Pemba Island














It boasts of amazing sandy beaches, mangrove forests, lagoons, and fish. It is an ideal place to go deep sea diving and just relaxing on the beach. The island of Pemba is less populated than the island of Zanzibar and thus ideal for intimate family vacations.

6.  Reunion Island














This is a paradise in the Indian Ocean. The island has beautiful beaches surrounded by clear blue sea. It has a mixture of cultures which include; Creole, African, Indian, Chinese and French. The island is accessible by sea or air.

7. Rwanda














It has been nicknamed land of a thousand hills due to its numerous mountainous landscapes. The country offers tourists many experiences which include; hiking, gorilla tracking, kayaking and boat tours. It is currently the cleanest country in Africa, if not the world and ICT leader on the continent.

8.  Sao Tomé and Principe














This is the smallest state in Africa. It offers the luxury of private beaches which are less populated and ideal for couple getaways and for small groups of friends. One can undertake various fun activities such as diving, fishing and whale watching.

9. South Africa














The country offers amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and interesting heritage sites. The country also offers amazing wildlife and beautiful terrains.

10. Seychelles














This is the island with the smallest population in Africa. This island is ideal for romantic getaways. The country offers visitors an array of fun activities such as fishing, diving, and sailing.

I hope you will get to explore these amazing destinations and enjoy your stay. Happy travels. 🙂



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